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CTPark Ostrava Constructing an Additional 28,000 m²




CTPark Ostrava is one of our proud projects in the heart of the central European automotive region. This year we have started with further construction on the second part of our building extensions, adding 28,000 m² that will be used for a few clients including expansions for ITT & I-Zone. Pressol Signs for 12 000 m² Pressol, a leading manufacturer of lubricants and equipment technology worldwide (even providing products for Formula 1 racing), recently signed a deal for approximately 12,000 m² of space at CTPark Bor. The space is basically divided in half between warehouse and production space. The company can begin moving in as early as July 1st, 2010. www.pressol.com CTP Construction I-Zone will take an additional 4,500 m² of space with this new construction, making their total now 14,500 m² in the park, ITT will also utilize more new space as they have made some significant expansions over the past year, going from 31,970 m² to 38,396 m². CTPark Ostrava has 141,635 m² ready for immediate move-in. With a total park size of 706,499 m² we have plenty of room for our clients to grow. Within all our CTParks across CZ, two-thirds of construction are based on similar client expansions.

Axis Office Park Ostrava

Tauron Polska Energia, one of the largest companies in Poland

and part of the Polish government “Program for the Power

Industry,” is now a new client at Axis Office Park Ostrava,

Tauron has signed a five-year lease for 189 m² with the first option for expansion. Opening day was held in January 2010 and plans are to double this year. CTPark Ostrava is in a strategic location with a large amount of highly educated people. The University of Ostrava has received approval from the Ministry of Education to open a faculty of medicine. Approximately 100 more students will start studying there this year. Petr Kajnar, the mayor of Ostrava, believes the new faculty is very important for the further development of the city and the region. Not only will it bring specialists to Ostrava but will keep graduates from leaving for Prague or Brno.