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CTPark Plzeň welcomes 2 New Tenants to the Unique CTBox




The French company Scoder, which  specialises in precision spot-welding for the automotive industry, has signed for a 1,200 m2 CTBox unit at CTPark Plzeň. The company chose to relocate existing operations in Plzeň to new, modern facilities to support expansion. CTP prepared all necessary permits for spot-welding

infrastructure and provided custom fit-out to support the company’s activities, including special containers for technical gasses. Operations are scheduled to kick-off in August.


The German company Trost, a distributor of automotive spare parts, has signed for a CTBox unit at CTPark Plzeň to serve as representative sales office and storage facility to serve customers in the Czech Republic. CTP will maximise the capacity of the CTBox by installing specialised, wallmounted storage racks on several