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CTParks in Slovakia offer its spaces to the booming automotive industry




New developments under way in Bratislava, Žilina, Voděrady, Nitra and Trnava

The automotive industry has roared straight into Slovakia's spotlight and with its recent developments in the country, CTP has once again brought its top-of-the-game, detail-oriented services to where they are needed. 

For Grupo Antolin, a supplier for BMW, Peugeot and Mercedes,  CTP is building a new addition to CTPark Bratislava. The structure's size will be 7,000 m2 , while CTPark Bratislava's full size is 160,000 m. The entire park will also soon feature an anti-noise wall and new traffic infrastructure; the aim is for CTP to be as least disruptive to the community as possible. 

In Voděrady, LEAR (14,000 m2 ) is expected to be done by the end of November, as stage II of the development is currently being finalized. There is plenty of potential for expansion of the existing buildings as well; the ground available covers 90,000 m2  of build-up area ready for construction in 2018. 

Plans for Trnava are equally exciting, with the expansion 2600 mfor the current tenant in preparation . Not a company to be satisfied with a simple signature, CTP is of course also continuing to build. Another shell & core hall - sized 7,000 m- will soon be the newest project within the city. 

In Nitra there are also new developments under way, 13,000 m2  will be available to the new tenants in April 2018.

New customer Constellium will soon have a 6,000 m2  hall in Žilina. The production process will begin in Spring/Summer 2018. And to prepare for customers that have yet to discover this area, a shell & core hall, sized 9,000 m2  , is also in development. 

With its personalised approach, CTP offers something to the automotive industry that no other company can. It's a perfect pairing and if the present stages are any indication, the future holds highly rewarding results.