Czechitas House to Open in Ponávka, Brno


03. 05. 2019
The NGO received the largest non-financial grant in history.

Czechitas House, a non-profit organization that educates women and children in digital skills, will launch its first large educational center in Brno. It will be located in the newly-built Ponávka office building. The premises were donated by CTP to Czechitas  as a gift for two years with a three-year option. The grant, which also includes the purchase of all necessary office equipment, represents a value of approximately 25 million crowns.

“We are very pleased that CTP has allowed us to use its newly created premises. We continually struggle with not having enough space to train our course participants. With this step, we can organize more events and thus get more girls and children interested in IT, ” says Czech Director of Sales Lenka Franců , who leads communication with CTP.

After a year of negotiations, Czechitas will move to completely new premises in Q3 this year . In total, they will take over two floors with an area of more than 1,500 m2, which can host up to 350 people.

“We are planning on building a community center on the street floor: a café, a children’s corner and smaller offices. The upper floor will be a dedicated education centre. There will be a large lecture hall, a relaxation room, facilities for lecturers, Czechitas staff offices and three smaller classrooms for workshops. We intend to use the capacity as much as possible to organize a total of 326 events for about six thousand participants per year in Brno, ” says Franců.

“It is unbelievable. What I dreamed of from the beginning has become a reality. We’ll have our own ‘school’! I am excited and look forward to the hundreds of positive stories that we can write, ” adds Dita Přikrylová, Czechitas founder.

If we were to quantify the total support for Czechitas in Brno, it is the largest support that this non-profit organization has ever received. Calculating the rent and the investment in the equipment of the premises, two years of operation will add up to nearly 970,000 euros, ie equivalent of almost 25 million crowns.

“We are proud to be in close contact with Czechitas. It is beneficial to us in more ways than only social responsibility. For example, the two teams work together to share their knowledge and experience,” notes Remon Vos, CEO of CTP.

Czechitas is currently dealing with a similar problem regarding a lack of space in Prague, where the demand for their educational activities is even greater than in Brno. “We are currently looking for suitable spaces in Prague so that we can do several workshops at once. The interest is huge and the girls travel to our events from Prague and the regions for our limited capacity. In Prague we would immediately occupy three times the number of seats. Inspired by Brno, we are looking for similar cooperation in Prague today and we hope that we will succeed during the year. I thank CTP very much for supporting us,” concludes Přikrylová.