Emerge Signs Agreement with CTPark Mladá Boleslav for 20 years


27. 11. 2018
A Czech company with more than 25 years of tradition moved to CTPark Mladá Boleslav. This site will complement its five existing plants across the Czech Republic.

Emerge’s history began in 1991. Originally a family business, it established co-operation with Škoda Auto in 1996 to provide metal cages, returnable packaging and other products. Gradually, the assortment expanded to other molded metal parts and welding assemblies. A few months ago the company started production in a new hall in Bezděčín on the outskirts of Mladá Boleslav.

In 2015, company decided to face the issue of low staffing capacity and invested in automation. At present, automated lines produce 80 percent of the company’s total production.

Although Škoda Auto is their main customer, the company also supplies Magna and a large part of their subsidiaries in Europe as well as the Seat car factory, part of Volkswagen Group and Grupo Antolin.

In its former original location in Bakov the company’s expansion resulted in problems with noise and truck traffic. A problem solved with its new 18,500 m2 enterprise and 20 year lease established in June in CTPark Mladá Boleslav.