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Grand Opening of Service Centre at CTPark Bor planned for Autumn




Additional On-Site Services coming to CTPark Bor

CTP just completed a new service centre, which will hold a grand opening in the Autumn. Tenants of the CTPark Bor can look foward to a number of new services which will be offered there including a new canteen, mini market and surrounding ‘relax’ green space. The new facility was developed based due to tenants requirements for additional services on site. CTP's service centre adds convenience to park tenants and employees and is part of CTP's overall strategy to provide high quality services at our parks. CTP plans on building these facilities where required in order to best fulfill client needs.

CTP believes deeply that a comfortable and enjoyable work environment enhances employees well-being, which brings benefits to their employers. Our experience in creating world class, BREEAM certified, office parks like Spielberk & Ponāvka, informs the design and landscaping surrounding our industrial CTPark Network office facilities. World famous dutch landscaping, and the use of natural building materials will all be part of the new facilities at Bor.