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Kompan has opened the new production space in CTPark Brno II.




Kompan company, supplier of playground equipment and sports, is active in Brno since 2005. The company continuously improves its capacity, which led to be more effective the operation of 2 buildings in CTPark Modřice and 2 buildings in CTPark Pohořelice. Therefore Kompan decided to take advantage of space in the newly established CTPark Brno II (Černovická terrace). There will be work more than 200 employees in new facilities on an area of 23,000 square meters.

Brno subsidiary of Kompan is the biggest subsidiary in the Kompan Group and its goods are distributed to 60 countries of the world. Kompan’s main customers are located in western and northern Europe - Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Kompan’s outside Europe main customers are located in U.S., Japan and China.

“The new building will bring increase of the efficiency of production and logistics processes but also the relocation of all employees under one roof, in addition to the comfortable and modern production space. We appreciate the convenient location of new facility with direct access to highway D1, Brno airport and city center of Brno, "says CEO Sona Hanáková from Kompan, Czech Republic.

Kompan plans to grow in coming years and take another 10 000 sq m of production space in Brno.

More info about KOMPAN can be found on www.kompan.cz