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New CTPark Service Centre in Bor, Czech Republic




An extension benefitting our tenants and employees

CTPark Bor has grown yet again with its newest addition, a multi-functional service centre.

The aim of this centre is to not only provide an office space for the tenants of CTPark Bor, but to also be attentive to their personal needs. The building includes a restaurant with a great food for a reasonable price, mini market, and a medical professional, while the well-kept greenery outside provides a relaxing setting. We are also drafting plans for a space with games and an area for athletic activity. These features are meant to add options for tenants' leisure time, something that is an important part of CTP's primary goals. In the future, this sort of facility will be implemented wherever it may be needed in order to fulfill clients' needs. 

CTP strongly believes that a comfortable and pleasant work environment enhances the well-being of all employees, thus benefitting employers as well. Our experience helps us create world-class, BREEAM certified office parks like Spielberk and Ponāvka. We utilize world-famous Dutch landscaping when designing our industrial CTPark office facilities and their surroundings. Of course, when expanding Bor -- or any other CTPark -- the use of natural building material is one of our constant goals.

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