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New Deals in Bohemia Region




Airport Logistics Park. Comp Alfa (2,300m2) and Martek Medical (2,500m2) prolonged their leases in Airport Logistics Park; and Lidl leased 2,600m2, with the result that only 1,800m2 is available at this strategic location.

At CTPark Bor, Johnson Controls have decided to add an extra 5,400m2 to their recently finished premises, and will occupy a total of over 20,000m2. Elektrometall, part of Nexans Autoelectric group, producer of cables and cable systems for the automotive industry expanded by 1,500m2.

At CTPark Kadaň, Danish company Blika signed a future lease agreement of 8,800m2 in a CTSpace unit where they will produce intelligent storeage systems and metal furniture.

At CTPark Plzeň, a Chinese producer of electronics and home divices will open a new production faciltiy an existing 15,000m2 building and expect to create over 200 new jobs.

At CTPark Teplice, Energizer, producer of razors, will expend an extra 2,619m2 while CTP is building a new CTFit unit for Regenersis.