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New developments in the CTPark Network in North Moravia/Silesia




As expected, the CTPark Network is growing and expansion all over the North Moravia/Silesia region can't come soon enough.

CTPark Ostrava’s popularity has recently culminated with the whole park being fully booked. Current construction is aimed at an expansion of 70,000 mby the middle of 2018, CTP’s much-needed reaction to the high demand. Also our signature project -  IQ Ostrava office park is full occupied. Ostrava is simply a hot location.

Conveniently located directly next to the Hyundai plant, CTPark Nošovice has a new shell & core building of 15,000 m2 . The first deal has already been made and the client, Prosper Plast, will soon be occupying 3,500 mof the space.

While CTPark Lipník nad Bečvou is a newly-opened site – since September 2017 - 60,000 m2 will be available in May of 2018. WellWell food company is CTP’s first client at this location, which will be a new part of D1 highway expected to be connected early next year.

CTPark Nový Jičín, of which 7,000 m2 is currently ready, has plans for development of another 25,000 m2 . This means the benefit of new capacities for the companies from the region (automative and logistics companies, among others).

CTPark Karviná is equally on the rise, with 25,000 m2 of property having been secured by the STOW company. Another 10,000 mfuture expansion is currently being planned.