06. 03. 2020

Expansion of CTPark Network in Slovakia

Meeting the constant demand for modern and energy-efficient buildings with a strategic location in Western Slovakia.

The recent assessment of the last quarter of last year on the industrial and logistics real estate market has shown that this segment is growing steadily and that industrial areas in Slovakia are increasing every year. The fact that the construction of production and warehouse premises will continue this year is also confirmed by the market leader, CTP. We have already announced the start of construction of new new areas in Trnava and entry into a completely new location – the city of Prešov.

Demand for premium properties is strong

The year-on-year increase, which was 4.5% at the end of last year, shows that the demand for such real estate in Slovakia is strong. Although recent surveys suggest that industrial properties face low occupancy (5.86%), CTP’s experience and statistics show the opposite. “Our company, as the market leader in industrial and logistics parks, wants to continue to grow, organically grow, but especially to keep our portfolio high above 95 percent, which we have been doing so far. they have further expanded our portfolio of properties in strategic locations,” says Remon Vos, CEO of CTP.

New construction in a strategic location

Several companies from the automotive industry and electrical engineering are currently located in the CTPark, which covers almost 55 hectares. At the end of last year, the well-known fashion giant joined CTP for those interested in other new premises, for which CTP built an office building and warehouse space to supply its retail stores. The demand for modern and energy-efficient buildings with a strategic location in Western Slovakia has thus not fallen, quite the contrary. Therefore, CTP has decided to accommodate interested parties and the existing halls in Trnava will soon be expanded to a new construction of 7,500 m². The developer has already started the first earthworks. New buildings are expected to be put into use by future tenants within 6 months.

Tenants prefer this area not only because of good access to Trnava, Prague and other places, but also for good connections to the highway. In addition, Trnava’s CTPark is also known for its green areas and green vegetation roofs. In addition, all existing and emerging buildings meet stringent energy performance certification criteria, further demonstrating the adoption of green policy and sustainable development that is part of the company’s philosophy.

Expansion into new territory

Already last year, CTP announced the acquisition of Košice Park and is currently launching its first activities in Prešov, the second largest metropolis of the East. “Up to 90,000 inhabitants of Prešov, convenient location of land close to the city, as well as direct motorway connections to Košice, Martin and Žilina or the nearby Polish trade market are attractive benefits that CTP would not find in any other city in eastern Slovakia,” Ivan Pastier, CTP’s Senior Business Development Manager for Slovakia. By entering a new location, the company not only demonstrated its courage, but above all confidence in the strong potential of this area. For this reason, the developer has already started the first earthworks of up to 11,000 m² on Prešov land and wants to convert them into a high-tech business park with state-of-the-art A-class modern buildings as soon as possible. clients, would like to give to prospective tenants and prospective tenants about six months.

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