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Spielberk Office Centre - More than a Business Park




Spielberk Office Centre (SOC) has grown to be much more than a Grade-A business park Located in Brno with an extraordinary standard, space and environment SOC can be said to have developed into a full-fledged community of business activity. This, in turn, has led to exceptional rental success, with the park’s highly flexible space easily accommodating any specific demands clients may have. Due to the large amount of clients and employees CTP management has enlarged a number of services for the park – the Brand IQ Restaurant opened Jan 13th, along with a new stationary store, bakery, restaurant, light shop, and even a notary ofἀce was added to improve working conditions for our clients. To further the community experience of SOC we also offer sports and social events for employees as well as for their friends, partners and family members. For example SOC held the ἀrst 24-hour spinning marathon in Brno last year - the third ever held in the Czech Republic. In addition there are smaller regular events, such as beach volleyball tournaments, a squash league and biking days.