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Who's new - Štěpánka Junová - Park Manager - CTPark Bor




As park manager at CTPark Bor in Western Bohemia, I am primarily responsible for park and property maintenance. First of all I assure services which arise from lease agreements of our clients.

It means taking care of building equipment such as electrical installations, ventilation systems, gas devices, fire elements and many others. Dealing with clients in the park regarding daily operation and dealing with suppliers from various professions is my day-to-day routine. I am also in charge of external park appearance, which is connected with roads as well as greenery maintenance and general cleaning. Mutual cooperation with project

and office managers in property and park management is very  useful and important to assure the satisfaction of our clients in the park. As a new member in CTP I feel support from all sides here. That is why I would like to thank to my colleagues for this support and for a friendly admission to the team.