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Okříšky    Okříšky

Unit ID

OK 1

Available for rent

0 m2

Park Okříšky
Property type CTFit
Development type Industrial
Status Built
Park location Třebíč
Region Central Bohemia
Total floor space 19,108 m2
Office size 0 m2
Energy label C
Date completed 2009-03-01

Commercial contact

Park management

Commercial contact

Park management

About Okříšky

CTPark Okříšky is centrally located 25km south of Jihlava near the D1 motorway and a major north-south railway corridor. The area features a large and available workforce, with lower wage and operating costs. The park is ideal for logistics and high-tech production.

Park Benefits

  • Lower wage/operating costs
  • Near existing high-tech supply chains
  • Central location
  • Over 150,000 people in the area
  • Rail access to Austria