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Pohořelice    Pohořelice

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0 m2

Park Pohořelice
Property type CTSpace
Development type Industrial
Status Built
Park location Pohořelice
Region South Moravia
Total floor space 14,440 m2
Office size 0 m2
Energy label C
Date completed 2007-06-01

Commercial contact

Park management

Commercial contact

Park management

About Pohořelice

CTPark Pohořelice is located 25km south of Brno on the E462 roadway to Vienna with easy motorway access to Bratislava. The park is ideal as a base for pan-CEE logistics and supply chains. Its proximity to Brno ensures available skilled labour at lower cost than in Austria.

Park Benefits

  • Available skilled labour
  • Large-scale, A-class facilities
  • Onsite public transport
  • Pan-CEE logistics hub
  • Closest CTPark to Austria
  • Easy access to Bratislava motorway
  • 13 Universities in the region
  • Lower wage costs vs. Austria