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Žatec    Žatec

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0 m2

Park Žatec
Property type CTFit
Development type Industrial
Status Built
Park location Žatec
Region Central Bohemia
Total floor space 36,016 m2
Office size 0 m2
Energy label
Date completed 2007-03-22

Commercial contact

Park management

Commercial contact

Park management

About Žatec

CTPark Žatec is strategically located 40km from the German border on the roadway towards the E55/D8 motorway (Prague/Dresden). The area’s large population base, long industrial tradition and above-average unemployment ensure availability of skilled labour. There are comparatively lower wage and operating costs than in nearby Germany.

Park Benefits

  • Available skilled labour
  • Low-cost, low-wage area
  • Easy accessibility
  • Close to German border
  • Prague 85km