BJS is one Europe’s leading furniture makers. The company, which traces its history back to 1917, is a strategic supplier to IKEA, producing a range of wooden bedroom furniture for the company.


“CTP has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, cooperation, and cost effectiveness.”

Pär Lidåker


Swedish furniture maker BJS has been a key supplier to IKEA for over 30 years and produces a wide range wooden bed frames and other products for the Swedish retailer. As part of its strategy to reduce costs and boost growth, BJS launched operations at ctPark Humpolec in 2006. BJS was drawn to the Czech Republic because of its combination of low-costs, highly skilled labour, excellent infrastructure, and strategic location. The company knew that they did not want to purchase their own facility in the Czech Republic, as this would be too costly. So they turned to CTP for the solution. “We wanted to be able to focus on our core business and not lose sleep over the development of the project.

The whole idea of expansion was for BJS to get ‘lean and mean’,” Pär Lidåker, CEO of BJS, explains. “All of the other properties we looked at were ugly, but at ctPark Humpolec, we found the right place. Location directly on the motorway is also, of course, an advantage.” BJS’s business has grown since launching operations at ctPark Humpolec. In 2012, the company signed for a 7,000 m2 extension to their production facility. CTP completed construction in less than five months. BJS plans to relocate production from Slovakia as part of its strategy to consolidate operations at its expanded production facility at ctPark Humpolec. BJS’s entire output from ctPark Humpolec is production for IKEA. CTP custom built BJS’s CTFit production space at ctPark Humpolec with special fire-resistant walls, which was essential to allow BJS to safely store wooden materials. BJS’s production hall also features a fully open floor plan with no columns that would obstruct the installation of machines.

“We are very happy with the building,” Mr Lidåker explains. With the new extension to its production hall in place, BJS will be able to cut and drill wooden furniture components themselves, which streamlines production and brings added cost benefits. BJS will install a brandnew prototype of a next-generation cutting machine at its expanded production hall in ctPark Humpolec, which reduces waste and helps further cut down costs. Within three years, BJS expects to be running three production shifts, 24/7.