“Because of our good experiences with CTP, Hellmann will always be pleased to cooperate with them on future projects.”
Michael Schertl
Key Account Manager

Based in Germany, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is a leading global logistics companies with branches in over 150 countries. In 2013 the company chose ctPark Bor, near the Czech-German border, as the site for its first Czech operations.

When Hellmann Worldwide Logistics needed to expand operations for a major client requiring large-scale modern warehousing near the Czech-German border, ctPark Bor was the ideal choice. Strategic location, excellent access and lower operating costs than across the border in Germany helped Hellmann secure the contract.

Michael Schertl, Hellmann Key Account Manager, explains: ”We had a client, Siemens AG, who was looking for a provider to handle the storage, picking, packing and distribution of certain finished products. One of the criteria was to offer a solution to reduce costs without compromising on quality. Because of its location and good infrastructure, we identified ctPark Bor as a good solution for the Logistic Centre. I can say that, because it provides lower operating costs, together with the same high standards and qualified skilled labour, ctPark Bor helped us to win the contract. Because of the professional approach of CTP Hellmann was able to implement the project successfully.”

Hellmann operates a 20,000 m2  CTSpace warehouse at ctPark Bor, which is 30 km from the Czech- German border on the E50 motorway. In addition to the Siemens contract, Hellmann handles the full spectrum of logistics operations for a number of companies in different industries and sectors, including consumer electronics, fashion and automotive. “For this product range Hellmann takes over the storage, order picking, packing, shipping and carries out the value added services for the customer worldwide.”

Close cooperation between Hellmann and CTP has helped to make Hellmann’s move to the Czech Republic both trouble-free and effective, and the company’s new, modern facility provides the same high standards as in Germany, while at the same time reducing costs. “Our new facility at ctPark Bor meets the expectations of Hellmann. Thanks to the exchange of lighting in our facility from T5 to LED, Hellmann is now able to save the energy costs and improve the quality of working place of each employee. We can confirm that the facility corresponds to the European standards.”