“As an IT company, we had some specific requirements, and we always came to an agreement with CTP.”
Tomas Slapata

Madfinger Games is a group of Czech game programmers behind some of the world’s most popular mobile gaming titles. Founded in 2010 with just four employees, this fastgrowing start-up now employs over 60 people and is poised for future growth. In 2014, Madfinger moved its operations to the premium offices at Ponāvka in Brno, which serves as the company’s global HQ.

In recent years, Brno has emerged as a hotspot for the global gaming industry.

Madfinger is one of the bold young local start-ups that has grown in five years to become one of the world’s most successful independent game developers. Their first major breakthrough success came with Samurai: Way of the Warrior and Samurai II: Vengeance, which made the AppStore’s Hall of Fame after more than one million downloads. In total, the company’s games have been downloaded an outstanding 70 million times.

Madfinger co-founder, Tomáš Šlápota explains why the growing company chose Ponāvka as its global headquarters. “Today Brno offers various office parks in different areas. What mattered to us was the location within the city centre, a competitive rental price, and the possibility to adapt the layout and design of our future offices to reflect our creativity.” “CTP was helpful during our layout and design planning, and we are satisfied with our new offices. We liked our old place, but it was becoming too small for us. We now have more meeting rooms with automatic signalisation of its occupancy, we have a separate fitness room and a big relax zone with a large plasma TV and three different game consoles. We believe we have created a friendly workplace for our team.”

Madfinger may be local, but their audience is truly worldwide and can be expected to grow as more people globally use smart phones and gain access to the Internet. “We have a large fan base in the United States, where we can speak of millions of players, but we are also popular in Asia and South America.” Madfinger is already planning to expand its current office space at Ponāvka as work increases and expects to double its current number of employees within two years.