“We are satisfied with our repeated decision to go with CTP.”

Mirco Gruebel
Stahgruber CEO

German aftermarket automotive parts supplier Stahlgruber chose the flexibility and efficiency of the CTBox concept to consolidate and expand its Czech activities at ctPark Plzeň and ctPark Ostrava.

Stahlgruber is an excellent example of a company utilising the CTBox concept to its full potential in multiple locations. The company is a leading European supplier of independent aftermarket automotive components, with a customer network that includes automotive workshops, distributors and corporate clients.

Following a series of acquisitions, Stahlgruber’s Czech operations were growing rapidly, and the company was looking to consolidate and streamline its activities with new, modern facilities. As part of this strategy, they chose Plzeň as the site for their first CTBox unit, based on the ability to start with smaller operations and expand quickly as their business grew.

Mirco Grübel, a Stahlgruber executive in the Czech Republic, explains; “Plzeň was our first project to build warehouses in “Stahlgruber style”.At that time we were running 29 locations in the Czech Republic, and our intention was to adapt to the strength of our German mother company. Our success in Germany, our core market, is strongly connected to the logistical structure and setup of our sales outlets. So we chose the location in Plzeň. Today, after positive experiences following the move, I could say that our Plzeň location could be twice as big.”

As a next step in their consolidation strategy, and based on the success of operations at their CTBox in Plzeň, Stahlgruber chose to consolidate its logistics and distribution activities in the Ostrava area with two CTBox units at ctPark Ostrava. “Our reasons for choosing ctPark Ostrava include its good availability and location between three formerly existing branches, which were replaced with the new location, and also our good experience with the ‘CTP model’ from Plzeň, which was important. From my point of view, Stahlgruber Ostrava is one of our most effective locations, in terms of utilisation of given space.”

Stahlgruber runs the full spectrum of logistics and delivery activities from its ctPark locations in Plzeň and Ostrava and also provides customer consultancy and training services. The three-in-one flexibility of the CTBox concept, with office, showroom and warehousing in one unit, has enabled the company to grow rapidly and adapt its space based on its current—and future—needs.

“We are satisfied with our repeated decision to go with CTP. The CTBox concept offers a very effective utilisation of given space, with a modular structure that gives us room for development. We also value the mix of approachability, flexibility in setting up stock areas, the possibility of office space, and price. For us it was an interesting combination, and I am definitely open to further cooperation. The fact that we have been partners since 2012 is an asset for such a decision.”