Zodiac Aerospace

“The Czech Republic has brought one of the biggest success stories to Zodiac Aerospace.”

Jean-Michel Condamin
CEO Zodiac Galleys & Equipment Segment

Zodiac Aerospace is a world leader in the design and production of integrated interior cabins, galleys, and on-board safety systems for commercial aircraft.

Based on its on-going success in the Czech Republic, the company chose ctPark Plzeň as the location for a new production line to support the company’s German unit, Zodiac Premium Galleys. Zodiac Aerospace first entered the Czech Republic via its acquisition in 2008 of Driessen Aerospace, now Zodiac Galleys Europe, which had been operating one of three global production units in Plzeň since 2001.

Since the acquisition, Zodiac Galleys Europe has grown rapidly and is now the sole supplier of galley systems for the Airbus A320 narrow-body jet airliner. “The Czech Republic has brought one of the biggest success stories to Zodiac Aerospace and has become an integrated part of this French group,” explains Jean-Michel Condamin, CEO of Zodiac Galleys Europe.

To fulfil this major new contract, Zodiac Aerospace’s existing manufacturing facility in Plzeň is now at full capacity. Based on the skill level and rapid growth of the Czech unit, Zodiac Aerospace nevertheless decided to launch new business operations in Plzeň to support and expand production of its Premium Galleys unit in Germany, near Frankfurt. And this required new custom-built premises.

“CTP was the most forward in meeting our needs and in dapting the building for our specific demands,” says Jean-Michel Condamin. “This is important, as we make high-end products, and we require modern locations that are representative of the Zodiac Aerospace brand level.” CTP was tasked to deliver a 4,400 m2 hightech production facility based on the company’s specifications to maximise integration with the manufacturing and assembly processes in Germany. CTP refitted an existing, modern production facility for Zodiac Aerospace at ctPark Plzeň and designed for the company a new, custom-built office and production facility, which is slated for handover in Q3 2014.

Zodiac Aerospace’s production process is based on modern flow lines with vertical integration to reduce time to market linked to the high customisation levels associated with the Premium Cabin Interior market segment. Location near the German border, with fast transit times to the company’s German plant, combined with proximity to existing operations in Plzeň, make ctPark Plzeň the ideal location for the new production line.

In fact, the A320 contract and the new Premium Galleys production facility at ctPark Plzeň have made Plzeň the preferred location for Zodiac Aerospace in the Czech Republic and a major production hub for the company in Europe. Further growth in Plzeň is anticipated, depending on external conditions.