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In the Noord-Holland region, the “Venice of the North” is the capital and most populous city in the Netherlands. As one of the top financial centers in Europe and the commercial capital of the nation, Amsterdam is an alpha world city that is home to several Dutch institutions and many of the world’s largest companies or their European headquarters (e.g., Netflix, Uber, and Tesla). With impressive connectivity and a dedication to innovation, this city is one of the top European cities in which to locate an international business and has placed fourth in the fDi Intelligence Global Cities of the Future rankings for 2021-22 and the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking 2021.


Often dubbed “the gateway to Europe”, the Dutch capital is well connected by sea and land to both surrounding and international markets. The Port of Amsterdam is the fifth largest port in Europe with annual goods transshipments of over 82.3 million tons, and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the third largest in Europe and sees 71.7 million passengers and 1.57 million tons of cargo per year.


Amsterdam also has a world-leading digital infrastructure and incredible business efficiency. The AMS-IX data exchange is one of the largest in the world, and the city’s broadband penetration and digital literacy has ranked it a European frontrunner in connectivity. Nearly all households have access to broadband internet, and it is one of the best-performing countries in terms of inhabitants who have above average digital skills. The city also has a dynamic business environment with a wide range of industries, a highly skilled workforce, and a knack for fostering innovation.


The Amsterdam Smart City initiative is an attractive highlight that focuses on the future of the city. The cooperation between businesses, academic institutions, the government, and citizens is dedicated to transform Amsterdam into a smart city with projects over six themes: Infrastructure and Technology; Energy, Water & Waste; Mobility; Circular City, Governance and Education; and Citizens and Living. This forward-thinking combined with a growing economy and a high quality of life make the region alluring to entrepreneurs and big brands. Between 2015 and 2020, Amsterdam recorded the highest foreign investment per 100,000 people, and it’s predicted that the number will only grow post-Brexit.


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