CTP Platform

The in-house CTP Platform provides the financing, design and construction of custom-built industrial properties and interior fit-outs, including sophisticated production lines, clean rooms and laboratories, and complex building management systems.

Design & construction

In order to streamline costs and ensure rapid response times, CTP maintains an in-house design, engineering and construction team which allows us to operate as general contractor for all new-build projects. Close cooperation between clients, project managers, property management and the finance teams enables our in-house design team to develop tailored solutions while incorporating best-practices at all stages of the development process. Our centralized sourcing, tendering and purchasing for multiple projects enables us to reduce costs while integrating the latest technologies into our standards.

Property management

Property management at CTP is responsible for our parks, buildings, sustainability and client after-care. CTP’s property management team is responsible for oversight of capital expenditure on asset improvements throughout the portfolio. This involves not just repairs and on-going maintenance, but also investments into our business and office park environments, including landscaping, infrastructure, and building management systems, ensuring long-term performance and return on the company’s investment. Property management at CTP is underlined by the belief that our most important assets are the more than 400 clients who work in our business parks. The property management team is responsible for making sure that our clients and their employees are satisfied and comfortable in our properties, allowing them to focus on their core business.


A key element to the CTP Platform is our in-house legal team, which consists of experienced local experts who understand how to communicate and work with both local administrative authorities and our international clients. We specialize in lease agreements which ensures the professional and efficient conclusion of client requests, modifications and special requirements, reducing negotiation times as well as legal costs for all parties. During 2015, we strengthened our legal team, in particular to help with growth in new markets and managing the permitting process and procedures with the local building authorities.


CTP’s in-house finance team is responsible for managing all aspects of company financing, including development projects and acquisitions as well as cash flow and day-to-day operations. Finance follows the IFRS rulebook to ensure transparency of income and expenditures at all levels.

Business development

CTP’s business development team is responsible for acquiring new customers and reducing vacancy across the CTP portfolio. Our team of professionals is on the ground in the locations where our customers want to be.