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CTP works with the client as a long-term partner, not only during the initial development process, but throughout the lease term to ensure that the client is fully satisfied. With a broad platform of services in house, CTP is able to respond in a timely, professional manner.

CTP works with the client as a long-term partner during the initial development process and throughout the lease. With a broad platform of services in house, CTP is able to respond in a timely, professional manner.

Client Requirement

A client chooses the CEE markets to locate a new manufacturing facility. They meet the CTP business devel­opment team during the search pro­cess to describe plans, facility size, and use needs. Initial requriements are drafted and agreed.

Location Search

CTP provides an overview of potential locations which match the size and use requirements of the client. The selection often consists of both existing buildings at various parks in the CTPark Network, as well as pre-zoned land plots in the Network and alternative locations which could be acquired on behalf of the client, for a fully built-to-suit solution.


As speed-to-market is a key requirement, the client chooses to build a new facility on an existing landplot within the network, with adjacent land for later expansion. With the plot pre-zoned and fully permitted, construction can begin as soon details are agreed.


CTP meets with its strong financial partners to ensure sufficient financing for both construction and fit-out.


CTP’s design and engineering team work closesly with the client to agree detailed building specifications, from floor loading, ceiling height, temper­ature requiremtents, and sufficient office & sanitary space. A floorplan is agreed, and construction schedules are put in place.



CTP acts as general contractor to construct the building, outsourcing to reliable, high-quality suppliers, after open tenders are awarded, which meet budget, quality and environmental standards.


After construction of the building shell is finished, CTP works with the client to install specialized manufacturing machinery, technology and other details such as employee break out rooms, and furnishings.

Employee Search

Before the client finally moves in, CTP assists the client in finding appropriately skilled workers through its job portal. If required, posts can be pre-filled, and workers trained before the facility is handed over.

Facility in Operation

After move-in, CTP park and facility managers keep in close contact with the client to ensure all systems operate efficiently and they are comfortable in their new premises.

Client Services

CTP agrees with the client on a yearly service contract, freeing the client to concentrate on his core business. CTP works with local fire and security councils to ensure safety norms, and creates monthly schedules for outdoor cleaning, snow blowing, grounds­keeping and general building maintenance.

Service Desk

During the course of the lease, clients can report incidents to park and facility managers 24/7, through our simple on-line ServiceDesk application. Win­dows get broken, snow piles up quickly or light bulbs need to be changed and such issues need to be addressed imme­diately so clients can continue their work. In our office devel­opments, our app is enhanced to allow booking of restaurants, and communicating with other on-site service providers.

Building Upgrades

After some years of operation, CTP invests into its buildings, often installing new atmosphere control systems, reducing the overall energy consumption thereby reducing operating costs.


As the client’s business continues to grow, CTP works with the client to facilitate their expansion plans. Based on the client’s requirements, CTP will agree to either build an extension onto their current facility, propose a different location, or offer a different building solution if a client wants to locate a different business process.


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