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CTP specialises in the delivery and management of custom-built, high-tech business facilities for leading international and domestic companies making strategic investments in new or expanded operations in Central Europe.

CTP Platform CTP’s team of professionals provides seamless, full-service coverage at all stages of property development, together with comprehensive property management services.
Our Experience

With nearly 20 years’ experience designing and delivering custom-built business properties to meet a diverse range of needs and industry requirements.

Strategic location

Strategic location is the centerpiece of CTP’s development strategy. We chose to anchor operations in the Czech Republic for the same reasons as our clients—the mix of strategic location at the heart of Europe, a well educated workforce, long industrial tradition, modern infrastructure and overall cost-effectiveness make it the business-smart choice for a wide range of operations.

CTP development in numbers

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Tower II at Spielberk: One of Europe's most advanced buildings
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Our five unique property types can be customised to meet your most demanding requirements


The three-in-one functionality of the CTBox concept provides showroom, warehousing and office space in one efficient unit. CTBoxes are designed to support a wide range of activities, from test facilities and light manufacturing to R&D and wholesale/retail operations. Built-in flexibility makes it easy to expand or customise CTBox units as business grows. CTP currently offers CTBox units at CTPark Pilsen, CTPark Ostrava and Ponavka, in Brno city centre.


CTFit is a custom built turn-key delivered property which meets all client needs and requirements. Before and during the construction, CTP works closely with the client together with our inhouse design, permitting, construction and property management teams in order to make sure that a property is delivered in an agreed quality and time. A CTFit solution is ideal for activities with special technical parameters, such as distribution hubs, chilled warehousing, high-tech manufacturing and R&D laboratories.


CTFlex buildings are multi-purpose facilities pre-built throughout CEE to support diverse business activities. This product is ideal for light manufacturing, test/repair centres and R&D, with built-in office space and warehousing. Moveable partition walls enable easy modification for seasonal overflows or the expansion of business.


CTOffice is a modern, high-quality, cost-effective facility ideal for service centres, software/equipment design, R&D and back-office operations. Flexible floor plans support customisation and future expansion. CTOffice features A-class infrastructure, landscaped gardens, on-site public transport services and 24-hour security. Business services and amenities include bio restaurants, cafes, fitness centres, banks, dry cleaners, ATM among others.


CTP builds and maintains top-quality, modern warehouses throughout the CTPark Network to accommodate the warehousing and distribution needs of global business. On-stock availability ensures that location and operational requirements are met without delay. This product is ideal for logistics operations, distribution centres or supply-chain hubs.

Case Studies

Quality without compromise

Green buildings

CTP has taken the lead in the development of state-of-the-art business properties in Central Europe. We make significant investments to ensure the highest construction, safety and energy efficiency standards. Since 2011 all CTP premium-class office properties are designed and built for comprehensive sustainability.

CTPark Divisov: energy upgrades

At our building in CTPark Divišov we exchanged and improved several items that resulted in a higher rating for the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Tomáš Budař Regional Director

Tomáš Budař

Tomáš joined CTP in 2006. His job is to find new opportunities in Brno and South Moravia to challenge the Construction managers and people at the Purchase department. Tomáš brings his street smarts and entrepreneurial attitude to the table. Read more