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Jakub Kodr
Head of Business Development, Czech Republic

+420 778 408 839

Jihlava, Czech Republic

CTPark Network Jihlava

CTPark Jihlava is located on the D1 highway equidistant between Brno (95km) and Prague (105km). The park is situated in a densely-populated region with over 112,000 people in Jihlava and over 250,000 in the nearby area. The park is ideal for logistics, high-tech production and automotive supply.
  • Excellent accessibility
  • 500 metres from D1 motorway
  • Strategic site at heart of CR
  • 112,000 people in Jihlava
  • 3 Universities in the nearby area
  • Lower wage/operating costs
  • Near existing high-tech supply chains
Available now 0 m²
Development Opportunity 0 m²
Built-up Area 27,759 m²
Total area 5.41 ha
Park address

Červený Kříž, 586 01 Jihlava
Czech Republic

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38J2J1J3Brno 86 kmPrague 121 km
  • Built
  • Built & available
  • Planned

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