Commercial contact Jakub  Kodr

Jakub Kodr
Head of Business Development, Czech Republic

+420 778 408 839

Pardubice, Czech Republic

CTPark Network Pardubice

CTPark Pardubice II is located close by the E67 motorway to Prague, Pardubice international airport and high-capacity railway. Major investors in the surrounding area include Foxconn, Panasonic and TPCA. The park is ideal for companies engaged in IT, automotive and high-tech operations.
  • Large-scale, A-class facilities
  • Cost-effective, high-tech hub
  • Strategic, central location
  • TPCA auto plant (Kolin) – 50 km
  • University city, 10,500 students
  • 520,000 people in the area
  • Available skilled labour
  • Pardubice international airport
Available now 0 m²
Development Opportunity 0 m²
Built-up Area 35,966 m²
Total area 7.62 ha
Park address

Holandská, 533 01 Pardubice
Czech Republic

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