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Historically, mining and quarrying were what brought Stříbro to the forefront and gave the city its name. The area has always benefitted from its advantageous position on the trading route Praha-Norimberk (DE), and its proximity to Plzeň (30 km to the East). The city is easily accessible via highway D5 from both directions. As of 2016, Stříbro has been focused on further development of the city regarding transportation, cultural life, education and jobs. Based on the population’s needs, strategic goals were set and plan to be met within the next few years. Because of a need for more employment, new positions in the service industry are crucial. Furthermore, as part of the Plzeň region, the area is highly attractive to young professionals and students coming from universities like Západočeská univerzita in Plzeň, which produces graduates in the machine and electrical engineering sphere. This has made expanding infrastructure a top priority in the past, and it remains a priority for the future. Businesses in the location.
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  • Schools: Secondary Vocational School Stříbro, Business Academy Stříbro
  • The city’s main bus station is only 1 km away from our CTPark.
  • The top restaurants in the city, MELLS and Stybar, are both only a 5-min drive from CTPark Stříbro.
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0 m² Available now
22,388 m² Development Opportunity
33,571 m² Built-up Area
8.85 ha Total area
Park address

Forstova, 349 01 Stříbro
Czech Republic

Commercial contact

Jana Hain-Schmiedberská
Business Developer, West Bohemia

+420 720 047 872

Speaks Czech, English


Jana  Hain-Schmiedberská
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  • Planned

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
12,855 m²
Planned CTFlex Detail
9,533 m²
Planned CTFlex Detail

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