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Michal Přib
Senior Business Developer, Czech Republic

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Krupka, Czech Republic

CTPark Network Teplice II

CTPark Teplice II is strategically located 20km from the German border on the E55/D8 motorway (Prague/Dresden), a major north-south pan-European corridor. The area’s large population base, long industrial tradition and above-average unemployment ensure availability of skilled labour. There are comparatively lower wage and operating costs than in nearby Germany.
  • Available skilled labour
  • German border – 20 km
  • Ideal for pan-European transport
  • High-tech manufacturing base
  • High-density population
  • Lower operating costs vs. Germany
  • Inter-city rail (Dresden/Hamburg)
Available now 0 m²
Development Opportunity 0 m²
Built-up Area 6,615 m²
Total area 1.25 ha
Park address

Pod Dolní drahou, 417 42 Krupka
Czech Republic

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  • Planned

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