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CTPark Arrabona is located in Győr at the eastern gate of the city, directly at the M1 motorway, between Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava. The economy of Győr is characterised by the presence of AUDI Hungary that has a large local factory to produce car engines. A huge network of local automotive suppliers contribute to the success story of AUDI.
  • Ideal for logistics and light manufacturing activities.
  • Excellent local supply of skilled labour.
  • Proximity to various other automotive suppliers.
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36,779 m² Total Available space
36,779 m² Planned construction
11.42 ha Total area
Park address

Hűtőház utca., 9027 Hungary, 9027 Győr

Commercial contact

David Huszlicska
Senior Business Developer, Hungary

david.huszlicska@ctp.eu LinkedIn

David  Huszlicska
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  • Available
  • Built
  • Planned

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
18,278 m²
planned CTFit Detail
10,580 m²
planned CTFit Detail
7,921 m²
planned CTSpace Detail

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