Commercial contact Andrei  Koszti

Andrei Koszti
Regional Commercial Manager, Romania

+40 749 142 800

Deva, Romania

CTPark Network Deva

CTPark Deva I is located strategically in the center of Romania. Its location is ideal for central distribution centers and as well for manufacturing purposes. CTPark Deva I benefits of public transportation and great access to A1 Highway Sibiu-Deva.
  • Connection to A1 Highway
  • Ideal for manufacturing and logistics
  • Prime location 2 km from city centre
  • Cross-dock availability
  • High skilled labour availability
  • Daimler plant – 24 km, Orastie
  • Onsite public transport/amenities
Available now 0 m²
Development Opportunity 0 m²
Built-up Area 19,700 m²
Total area 4.31 ha
Park address

Strada Apuseni, 330179 Deva

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  • Built
  • Built & available
  • Planned

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CTPark Deva II

9.7 km


CTPark Caransebes

49.1 km

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