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CTPark Nitra is located to the North of Nitra, nearby the future site of the Jaguar Land Rover production facility, just off the E58 highway. The facilities in Nitra are conceived for manufacturers of automotive components. Their strategic location is ideal for logistics and distribution activities.
  • Direct highway connection
  • 680,700 inhabitants in the Nitra Region
  • 13,000+ students in nearby universities & research centre
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0 m² Total Available space
0 m² Planned construction
9.35 ha Total area
Park address

Dolne hony, 94901 Nitra

Commercial contact

Ivan Pastier
Senior Business Development Manager

+421 948 535 696
ivan.pastier@ctp.eu LinkedIn

Ivan  Pastier
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  • Available
  • Built
  • Planned

Park buildings

Available space Building Status Type
13,162 m²
built CTSpace Detail

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