Industrial Portfolio

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In the heart of CTP’s industrial portfolio lies the The CTPark Network — a collection of A-Class properties across the Central and Eastern Europe.

Industrial Portfolio: Building Types


Small Businesses

450–800 m²

Concept of CTBox is designed for local companies and start-ups. This simple and functional building provides 3 necessary areas for a smooth running business: showroom, office space and warehouse. And as you grow, it is easy to expand your retail, light manufacturing, test facility etc. easily.


Growing Businesses

1,150–3,000 m²

Built with growing business needing flexibility in mind, CTFlex offers the modifiable and expandable concept for small and mid-sized companies with builtin offices and warehouses. CTFlex allows you to focus on your business without being worried about sufficiency of the space for your operations.


Global Enterprises

From 3,000 m²

Top-quality buildings for global companies designed to accommodate the warehousing and distribution needs. CTSpace concept is ideal for logistics operations, distribution centres or supply – chain hubs.




From 5,000 m²

CTFit concept is ideal for activities of large enterprises with special technical parameters, such as distribution hubs, chilled warehousing, high-tech manufacturing and R&D laboratories.



From 195 m²

CTOffice is a cost-effective facility ideal for service centres, software/equipment design, R&D and back-office operations of all types of companies. Flexible floor plans support customisation and future expansion. The concept also includes many business services and amenities.

Building Standards

CTP Building Standards

Overview of building technologies, specifications of CTP industrial buildings & benefits for our clients.


Foundations, Concrete frame, Floor, Roof and Façade.

Security Systems

Fire safety, Sprinklers, Smoke and heat exhaust, Electrical installations.

Common Areas

Doors, Offices, Kitchenettes, Toilets and Showers, Corridors and Staircases.


Energy efficiency and sustainable buildings.

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