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The historic capital of the Moravian region, Brno is the cultural and economic heart of the Czech Republic’s east. And with good reason: the city’s enviable location, coupled with local business incentives and an affordable cost of living, makes it increasingly attractive to Czechs and foreigners alike. The city lies at the intersection of the D1 and D2 highways and the Srvatka and Svitava rivers, with convenient transport links to major cities such as Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava, all of which fall within a 200-kilometre radius.


While the Czech capital, Prague, receives the lion’s share of international attention, Brno has quietly established itself as a major economic player. The city’s 13 universities account for some of its diversity—some 30,000 foreigners from 150 countries call it home—and furnish growing businesses with an educated, highly skilled work force. The “Czech Silicon Valley” is also a growing hub for research and technology. What’s more, Brno’s famous trade fairs regularly attract business leaders and entrepreneurs from across Central Europe. Some 55.7 billion CZK in FDI flowed into the city in 2017, making it the country’s second-most attractive target for foreign investors after the capital.


CTP has a very strong presence in Brno and the South Moravian region, including six industrial parks around Brno (Brno, Brno South, Modřice, Blučina, Holubice, and the inner-city industrial park Brno Líšeň) and three modern office parks in the city centre (Vlněna, Ponávka and Spielberk).


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AVAILABLE NOW 0 m² Development Opportunity: 54,481 m²

CTPark Brno is a tech and research and development focused park in the second largest city in the Czech Republic and the c...

AVAILABLE NOW 1,789 m² Development Opportunity: 4,043 m²

The dilapidated area of ​​the former Zetor industrial site. Due to its location just inside the Brno ring road, the park i...

AVAILABLE NOW 0 m² Development Opportunity: 0 m²

CTPark Brno South is located just 7km from Brno on the D1 highway between Prague/Ostrava, featuring excellent accessibilit...

AVAILABLE NOW 19,687 m² Development Opportunity: 16,135 m²

Vlněna is a new office, retail and lifestyle campus, bridging Brno’s historical centre with the developing South Brno comm...

AVAILABLE NOW 9,621 m² Development Opportunity: 32,762 m²

See also Ponávka website:  http://www.ponavka.eu/. Ponāvka is an innovative, mixed-use, modern business park in downtown B...

AVAILABLE NOW 11,901 m² Development Opportunity: 0 m²

Spielberk, our flagship office development offers 90,000 m² of flexible A-class space in the heart of Brno’s growing new b...

AVAILABLE NOW 9,111 m² Development Opportunity: 0 m²

CTPark Modřice is strategically located only 5 kilometres from Brno on the E461 roadway to Vienna, nearby to existing auto...

AVAILABLE NOW 0 m² Development Opportunity: 51,054 m²

CTPark Blučina is located in the south Moravian region, just 8km south of Brno on the European route E65 towards Bratislav...

AVAILABLE NOW 6,028 m² Development Opportunity: 0 m²

CTPark Pohořelice is located 25km south of Brno on the E462 roadway to Vienna with easy motorway access to Bratislava. The...

AVAILABLE NOW 0 m² Development Opportunity: 9,952 m²

CTPark Holubice is located 15km East of Brno, on the D1 highway towards Ostrava and the crossroads of the E50 towards Star...

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Pavel Blažek
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