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Situated halfway between the German border and the capital city of Prague, Plzeň’s prime location in the western Czech Republic confers several key advantages to investors. The city is positioned on the D5 motorway linking Prague to Germany as well as the E49 carrying passengers from Germany through Austria. Just an hour from Prague, it’s the fourth largest city in the country, with approximately 175,000 inhabitants.


Although the city is perhaps best known for its famous local beer, Plzeň boasts a strong manufacturing industry, two universities producing graduates with highly competent technical skills—including the University of Western Bohemia, home to three research centres—and the home of automotive leader Škoda Transportation. In recent years, Plzeň has attracted a high level of FDI and received top rankings in fDi Magazine for its investment strategy.


Located near Plzeň’s city centre, CTPark Plzeň provides onsite public transport links and prime access to the E50/D5 motorway westward to Prague and Germany.


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in fDi Magazine’s Top 10

Eastern European Cities of the Future


to German border

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